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Large Posters Say It Best

Is there any animal more skilled at being elusive than a cat -- especially one that is confused, scared, and lost?
Have faith, there is a science to missing cat recovery...
Detect-A-Pet offers a range of critical services, including on-site assistance, to help you bring your cat back home.
Shocked, stunned, overwhelmed and lost; yes, you will most likely feel all of those emotions when your dog goes missing.
Focus and stay calm...
With an extraordinary proven success record, Detect-A-Pet offers sound, strategic solutions to bring your dog back home.
Famous Pet = Found Pet
When advertising for your lost pet, remember this very simple but profound principle:
A Lost Pet that is Made Famously Known is Likely to Become a Found Pet!
Simple, right? Yet 90% of people with a lost pet fail to maximize this concept through the use of inferior signage.
Reach your maximum potential using posters developed exclusively by Detect-A-Pet, with innovative design and formatting supported by ten major principles of professional advertising, you can make your pet famous, then found.
Lost Cat Services
Lost Dog Services
Because Life Matters

Holding A Higher Standard For Your Missing Pet

Steve, poised in a moment of reflection immediately following the capture of Australian Shepherd, Lexi,
Staton Island, NY - 2014
Lacey - Dog, Missing 11 Days
Steve Hagey is a genius. I am one of the cofounders of an all breed dog rescue group and Steve has successfully brought home two dogs for us. The first one was Lilly who was missing for 262 days.

And the other tough case we asked him to help with was Lacey. Lacey was a very skittish rescue pup who had already been trapped three times prior to escaping from her foster home. She would not walk into a humane trap. Steve brought Lacey home after just 2 days.

In the heartbreaking event that you need his services, I could not give a more enthusiastic recommendation.
~Kelly Parker, Connecticut
LouLou - Cat, Missing 6 Weeks
Steve (Detect-A-Pet) provided an invaluable service to me and Lou.  I am so grateful for his expertise and way of going about his work, with patience, compassion and skill.
Thanks Steve, for being there for us every step of the way.
~Jenny Rolufs, Philadelphia, PA
My Capture Guarantee
When your dog is loose, and just out of reach no matter what you do, the stress you feel may be overwhelming. Having hope is so important for your mental and emotional state. I can offer that hope, and to go one step farther, I can offer you something even better – reassurance in a successful recovery.
No matter if your dog is shy, skittish, or even trap savvy, I have the experience to make their recovery and bring your ordeal to a happy conclusion.
With confidence, I offer this money back guarantee: If you can feed your dog consistently and permission is granted to access the property location, I will be able to catch your dog. If those conditions are met and I am unable to catch your dog using my methods, your money will be refunded.
Katy - Dog, Missing 8 Weeks
Shocked and amazed by what he was able to do today. Thank you so much for giving Katie her second chance of finding a loving home!
~Karen Shea Price
Transforming Heartbreak Into
Happy Homecomings