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About Detect-A-Pet
Founded, Owned & Operated by Steve Hagey

My name is Steve Hagey, a Lost Pet Recovery Specialist.

In 2005, I embarked into the little known endeavor of Lost Pet Recovery. Launching Detect-A-Pet, first on a part-time basis, I was able to quickly achieve success through a combination of techniques involving behavior profiling, logical analysis, the use of technical equipment, and persistence, all without the aid of a search dog.

Today, I operate Detect-A-Pet on a full-time basis supported by a wealth of knowledge gained through numerous training courses, real world cases amassed through hands on experience, and an information network of successful lost pet experts located around the country.

There are many favorable qualities that a Pet Recovery Specialist must possess to be successful, but undoubtedly, the ability to absorb information from the pet owner as well as the environment, to logically process that data, and to formulate and relay an effective search plan, will significantly impact one's ability to maximize opportunities for recovery. Formerly, with over 10 years experience as a computer programmer/systems analyst, I have fostered my ability to evaluate a situation and formulate logical and effective solutions to problems; a talent proving very valuable and necessary in Pet Recovery work, all to better serve the pet owner and reunite them with their beloved companion.

Registered Certifications:
MAR Tech I, Certified June/2005
In 2005, I successfully completed the very first Missing Animal Response (MAR) Training course conducted by Kat Albrecht of Pet Hunters International, today known as Missing Pet Partnership.

A Message from Steve Hagey,
Founder of Detect-A-Pet
I understand that a missing pet is like a missing family member and is an absolute crisis. Priority one becomes finding your pet and reuniting your family. This demands the highest attention to detail and the most diligent, focused, recovery effort possible.
When your pet is missing you need real help, not marketing gimmicks, misleading half-truths, and shoddy service.
Just by the nature of the situation, when your pet is missing, you may feel helpless, desperate, and willing to accept help from whomever on a whim. But beware, when your pet’s life is at stake, this is a time to trust only someone with proven success. Do not fall victim to those who would take advantage of your hardship and desperation for excessive financial gain. Detect-A-Pet serves with the highest level of integrity and character.
Be assured, Detect-A-Pet continually strives to provide the highest quality of service, relying on extensive knowledge and specialized skills, to achieve the most effective proven solution to each and every lost pet crisis.
Ask any former client, and you will hear something remarkably unique about Detect-A-Pet, and that is uncompromised first-class service with compassion, sincerity, and a genuine concern for you and your pet that is unparalleled in this industry.
Each day, I am thankful for the unique and wonderful opportunities I have to help save lives, reunite families, and bring relief to those suffering heartache. It is my goal to continue developing, just as I have for the past ten years, new and innovative techniques to better serve those with lost pets and you have my pledge to provide the highest quality of service, with professionalism, character, integrity, and compassion.
Wishing you and your pets all the very best! May they always be safe!
Steve Hagey
Lost Pet Recovery Specialist
My Greatest Honor
Is there anything with more influence than animals and kids to reach into our hearts? How about both at the same time?
In my time working as a pet recovery specialist I’ve had my share of incredible experiences; I’ve been blessed with amazing recoveries and moments of jubilation. I’ve witnessed many triumphant tears of joy with rare life experiences that I will undoubtedly treasure forever. But there is one standout moment to behold that exceeds all the praise and accolades combined.
A few years back, a moment, lasting only a few fleeting minutes resonated in my heart and put a lump in my throat like no other has before. I had just spent five days, difficult days too, trying to recover a missing cat for a family; mother, father, and their young son – the cat was their son’s pet. Having a child look at you with those big innocent eyes and ask the ultimate question “are you the man who is going to find my cat” intensifies the pressure of an already pressure packed job, as if saving the life of an animal was not enough pressure on its own.
The special moment came after the recovery.  At a very early morning time, with the hour hand on the clock hovering around the three, I sat with mom, dad, and son, all adorned in pajamas, in their living room taking in the scene as a joyous young boy celebrated the reunion with his cat, who was euphorically mewing as well.
And then, the father began – the combination of words coming out of his mouth were in phrase and combinations that I never could have imagined -- he started to tell me about how, just a few days ago, he was speaking with his son. He went on to say that he told his son about goals, work ethic, character, respect – he was using me as an example to his son – and about specifically the manner in which I went about doing my job. He continued to say that my commitment and concern for recovering their cat was obviously evident and that there was no doubt in his mind about my dedication to doing the best for his family. With a lump in my throat, I think I managed to stutter out a thank you.
Not to make more of this than it deserves, but it was truly a humbling moment to hear that I was used a role model in one of those ‘father son’ conversations that may prove someday to be a pivotal learning experience in a young boy’s life.
Youth is innocent and impressionable and the honor was beyond comprehension.

My Fur-Kids
The Girls....

Gita: 2006-2015 RIP
"She Will Always Be My Baby Girl"

Oreo: 9 yrs old
"My Double-Stuff"

The Boys....

Onyx: 2006-2015 RIP
"Puma Boy"

Chance: 14 yrs old
"My Buddy & Mentor"

Transforming Heartbreak Into
Happy Homecomings