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For The
Lost, Missing and Stray Dog

Detect-A-Pet has a proven history of success and is the pioneer of several techniques that aid in the process of finding and recovery missing dogs.
Capture Services backed by a 100% Success Rate and Guarantee. I have caught the 'un-catchable dogs'. Pet, Stray or Feral, they can be caught.
Whether you're in need of a full scale recovery effort, or specific services to help your cause, I'm here to help.

Lost & Lonely...
'Shorty' Lived in this city parking lot area for months, eating fast food tossed his way as he sat at the busy roadside. He would not enter a trap, but D-A-P caught him in just 28 hours.

Poster Services

Posters constructed with eye-catching bright and vibrant colors, have the ability to grab the attention of potentialy hundreds of people on a daily basis. Posters are the hallmark of your on-street awareness campaign and, placed at key locations, will improve your chances of making a recovery.
Large Posters allow you to make maximum use of your most prevelant resource - 'The Eyes and Voices of the Public"!

Size Matters!
Posters by Detect-A-Pet are 60% Larger than the standard 11x17 inch poster offered by other organizations.
Key Features of Posters:
*** Design & Format are a Detect-A-Pet Original Innovation ***
  • Large Overall Dimensions - Appropriately sized for street display
  • 60% Larger than typical 11x17 offered by many others organizations
  • Highly visible and eye catching - Constructed with bright fluorescent colors for maximum attention
  • Easy to Read - Printed with large lettering, visible from moving vehicles
  • Easy to Understand - Text is message focused, written to the point
  • Weather resistant - withstands the heat, cold, moisture, and wind
  • Energy saver - Your time goes into finding your pet, not fabricating posters
  • Smart Investment - Low cost solution with high value benefits
Poster Creation Service

Posters completely assembled and ready for distribution, delivered to your door.
Qty                      Price/ Unit Cost
Less than 75......$3.00 ea
75 or More.........$2.80 ea
(sold in lots of 25)
Delivery Options and Fees:
  • Direct delivery (subject to travel fee based on miles traveled).
  • Shipping via UPS (subject to UPS shipping fees).

Specialized Capture Services

Is your dog normally shy and skittish, wary of a trap, or reluctant to enter?
Are you trying to catch a crafty dog who has been trapped before?
What can you do…You know chemical darting is too risky, you know tranquilizers hidden in food are dangerous and problematic, you know nets are expensive and difficult to deploy, you know leg traps & snares are illegal. So the question remains, “How do you catch your dog, which you can see and feed but can’t quite reach out and touch"?

Steve is not only excellent at his job, he is kind and thoughtful as well. He does not have a "cookie cutter" formula for catching a dog; he carefully takes in all of the information specific to your lost pet and designs a trap that will work best for that individual animal. Don't waste time and money on other services. Just call Steve right away if your pet is missing!
~Rachel Jones
My Specialized Capture Services were designed precisely
for this scenario involving the shy, skittish, wary, “trap smart” dog.
Based on your dog’s behavior pattern, feeding routine, profile, and environmental factors, I can devise a capture plan and recover your dog -- Guaranteed! (See Statement on Home Page about my Capture Guarantee, Prerequisites apply)
I rate capture scenarios based on the complexity demand by your dog in order to achieve success. There are five levels of complexity.
Rates are quoted per individual scenario. Please call to discuss your specific situation.

Service Exceptions & Terms

Payment Terms
Payment is expected at time of service. For services that are expected to take more than one day to complete, such as specialized capture services, a 50% deposit is required. Remaining charges are billed weekly or upon the completion of all services, which ever comes first. Complete payment is expected at the conclusion of all services.
Please be advised that you are paying for effort, not necessarily success. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances beyond all human control and that means there are no guarantees of results. (Exceptions are made if trapping guarantee is applicable).
Methods of Payment
For Consultations, Posters, and Deposits ordered by phone,
payment accepted via paypal or by credit card (Visa, MC, Disc).
For On-site Services, payment accepted via cash,
check, paypal, or by credit card (Visa, MC, Disc).

Note: All Services Subject to Current Availability and Scheduling Committments.

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